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The sauna is open (the oven is heated) every day between 10 AM -10 PM. Exceptions for example because of servicing the sauna we announce as quick as possible on our webpage and our Facebook group

Membership fee 1.11.2023 – 15.4.2024 (We build a new Sauna Summer 2024 therefore shorter term)

• The membership fee is 100 € .  Additionally +10 € for the key for new members.

Paying the membership fee:

We are using a membership organisation system online and the payment will happen through the system online.

You also can visit Neste, Raastuvankatu and pay there by cash, card or Sports benefits. A new member ALWAYS need to get his key and pay first membership fee at Neste.

Testing winter bath: Members have the right to bring friends with them to the sauna to introduce them into ice-swimming, but EACH time you have to agree about bringing a friend with you with a member of the board There can be only two guests at the same time and the testing time is two weeks. You have to inform about the names of the guests before visit. The guests are not insured by our insurance. Your key is personal and can be used only by the member.

Members have to use ALWAYS the electronic key when they arrive to the sauna, even if the door is open. It is important for statistics and to make sure the insurance is valid also on the trip home.